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The Altitones

The Altitones

Playing At:

4:00 PM

Main Stage


The Altitones were created serendipitously by some of the Vail Valley’s transported talent, playing an array of soul rocking, body shaking, mind blowing tunes, best described as “Weaponized Pimping!” Brought together from one woman’s desire to bring local music to her restaurant in Avon, CO. The band was forged from the same musicians showing up for some unrehearsed jamming every Wednesday. After several weeks of rocking it for the people, and the first official rehearsal, the Altitones were formed!

Providing controlled chaos on lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, Memphis, Tennessee born Tommy “Gun” Anderson. Adding flavor and spice, also on vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, Mr. Miami, Mauricio Cadavid. Juggling washboard, percussion and accordion, from the streets of Altoona, PA, Jude “The Dude” Wargo. Keeping time and bringing shenanigans to the drums, Houston Texas runaway, Ben Ray Swonke. And finally, the youngster of the group, Berkeley school of Music graduate, Colorado native, Sam Bee, buzzing on the bass guitar.

As size does matter and the bigger the better, here and there special guest musicians have been known to cameo with the Altitones, increasing the body-moving vibrations and overall audible euphoria!

We will take you higher!!